Service Opportunities

Willing Hearts and Working Hands

We are in need of a facilitator for this ministry that organizes us to help our members and neighbors in the Nekoosa area. We want to help with routine maintenance needs, as well as assisting people to get to their Doctors appointments and the like. If you need this kind of assistance in your life, or would like to help, please contact Pastor Dennis.

The Community Garden is located on the corner of Market St. and Cedar St.. Anyone with a knack for gardening is welcome to contact the church office to be given an area to prepare and work in.

Project Connect

When you enter through the east doors of the church, you should notice the booklet stand just before the men’s restroom. This is Project Connect. It is an outreach resource with topical booklets from Lutheran Hour Ministries. Feel free to take them to read yourself or share with friends, relatives, or co-workers. There will be 23 different topics to choose from.

These booklets are free of charge and you are not obligated to donate!! We want the booklets to be used. That being said, however, if you feel this ministry is beneficial, donations will be accepted so that they booklets may be restocked. Just use the Project Connect envelope with your offering envelope number on it and place it in the offering plate on Sunday or leave it with the secretary in the church office. You may also use a Designated Gift envelope and mark it for Project Connect. The project was initially funded through the Thrivent Action Program.