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Confirmation Sunday, April, 26, 2015

Jesus, you are my confirmation

Back in Ohio I had a child ask me about the song we had been singing in Church that Sunday. What does it mean that Jesus is our Confirmation? The song we actually sang that morning goes like this...

Jesus, you're my firm foundation

I know I can stand secure

Jesus, you're my firm foundation

I put my hope in your holy word!

I put my hope in your holy word!

This Sunday as we celebrate the Confirmation of Amelia Hofmeister, my prayer is that Amelia will indeed be trusting in her heart the theme of this song, which focuses on the faithfulness of Jesus! I also pray that ours will be a church where all of God's people, (and those around us whom the Father wants to draw), will be a people living life from a Firm Foundation.

How about you, how would you answer the question addressed to us in their song? Do you have a living hope? ( I have a living hope ) Do you have a future? ( I have a future ) Does God have a plan for your life? (God has a plan for me) Are you really sure? (Of this I'm sure!)


Pastor Dennis


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