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Lakes Area Christian Fellowship - Rome Town Hall


We are glad you have found us on the web. Please take another minute or two to look around our web site and get acquainted. At Bethlehem we believe you will find a true church family. We rejoice with each other over the good times and support each other when trials occur. We do this because of our hope and trust in a risen Savior, Jesus Christ. We would love to have you visit us.


If anyone would like a CD of the service for themselves or a friend (or shutin) please stop by the counter next to the soundbooth. Fill out the card provided and drop it in the basket. A CD will be made for you and placed in your mailbox.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We begin today a 5-week series of teachings and Flock involvement in our endeavor to raise the stewardship level of the congregation.

All which is to say, the 5 teachings/messages by Pastor Carl will specifically address our commitment level to the Lord's work.

Stand-by for Flock involvement.

Sunday Night Renewal Services, Oct. 19th, 6:30pm

For those Who Hunger for the Presence of the Lord: “AWAKENING PRAYER AND PRAISE”

Our new name reflects the desire to seek God for His “Awakening” not only for our church but also for our area.

Come and join us as we spend time in His Presence, in His Peace, Love and Joy, so that we can be empowered to be His servants. (Rom. 14:17-18)

Reminder: Fish Boil from 4-6. Join us after the Fish Boil for “Awakening” at 6:30pm


We urge our lambs (those about 4 years old and up) to bring their friends on the Sundays we have the gatherings. Our second Lamb Gathering is Oct 12. Teaching object - Miniature flashlights.